Airquarius Review – Air To Water Generator

Airquarius – Air To Water Generator

Product Price: $2,195.00                                     

Where To Buy:    

Size: 14.9(W) x 18.9(D) x 20.5(H) 

Capability: 3.5 Gallons/day

Warranty: Yes

Personal Rating: 8.5/10 Stars                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


The idea of extracting filtered drinking water out of thin air sounds too good to be true, right? Well it isn’t! Not only is this technology readily available in theory, but there are several products already on the market! One generator that stands out above all others is the Airquarius Air-To-Water Generator. Not only does it look good, the Airquarius is compact and portable, perfect for your home, office, yacht, or off-grid residence. This piece of equipment is cost-efficient and uses little electricity to function.


Coming in at only 87 pounds, this lightweight machine can produce 3 1/2 gallons of potable water each day, enough to keep a small family hydrated. The power consumption of this product comes out to be around 50-600W, making it energy efficient. The internal storage capacity (3.5 gallons) eliminates the need for water containers. This generator produces filtered hot and cold Alkaline water on command, free of chemicals and additives.

Pros & Cons


What’s not to like about the ability to get gallons of delicious drinking water out of thin air each day, on command and almost anywhere in the world? This water is not only great tasting, but is also Alkaline making for a high quality source of H2O.

Another great benefit of the Airquarius is that it acts as a home dehumidifier and air filter. Not only will you be drinking some of the purest water, your also going to be breathing in clean air, providing great potential health benefits!!


The only real negative that I can find when assessing this product would be in regard to the cost. Although cost-efficient in the long run, the short term can potentially “break the bank.” 2K might sound like a lot of money up front, but having free clean drinking water for life, without ever having to pay for it again, might just make this generator the perfect addition to your home.

Is It Worth The Investment???

Honestly, in my opinion, I truly believe the Airquarius generator is worth the investment. To have a direct private source for great tasting filtered drinking water not connected to the grid is invaluable. Whether you live in an area where potable water is hard to access (or non existent), or choose to be non-reliant on government, or want to be prepared for a crisis situation, an atmospheric water generator is the way to go!! 

This technology bypasses the need to lug water containers around, dig wells, and/or rely on bureacratic solutions. Home water generation, to sum it up, is the solution to the global water crisis. Airquarius and Atmospheric Water Generation is the product and process that is changing the world, offering it a new viable water source.

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