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We are fast approaching a time in History that is unstable and transformative. Technology and information is so great that all of humanity can either be uplifted or destroyed at the touch of a button. We could easily empower people and whole communities to end some of the most egregious crimes against humanity (i.e.starvation, dehydration, malnutrition, sickness, etc.), yet we seem to remain stagnant in our efforts, unwilling to rethink the very framework of our society.

For instance, we could end hunger by teaching people to forage, hunt and grow micro-greens. We could educate people on the benefits of Humanure, and using it in the development of barren land for agriculture.

Why not tell those in areas with populations without access to clean water about the benefits and affordability of an Atmospheric Water Generator?

For all those who are without a place to call home, or for whole impoverished communities that lack adequate housing, why not learn about the power of CEB Block? How they are like real-life legos, and can be used for easy and highly durable construction. Walls made of this stuff are bullet proof, and the homes require no AC or heating systems!!

The list goes on and on…

At the moment, The World overall does not seem to care about humanity. People continue to starve to death, slavery still exists based on the basis of both race and class, and so does the subjugation of several minority groups. Food and water is considered ONLY a privilege and not a human right. People, in 2019, are being put to death for being gay or for being female with an exposed face. The World seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket!!!

If this is the case, you’re gonna need your very own SHTF Bug-Out-Bag (BOB) to escape all the chaos and bloodshed, residing safely in the woods (or other secluded area) until things calm down. What specifically goes in that bag, you ask? Good question!! Let’s go over the basics, shall we?!?!

What Is A Bug Out Bag?

If your wondering what the heck it is, a (BOB) is a prepared portable backpack (or other bag) that carries the essential tools and supplies necessary for surviving up to 24, 48, or 72 hours and longer. The bag should be well organized and ready to go at all times.

What’s In It?

What makes up the ideal BOB varies based on the emergency situation, weather, circumstances, etc. However, there are some basic items that are deemed essential time and time again throughout millennia. These items will help one survive the elements and/or social cataclysm, in both the short term and long run. Let’s have a look at some of the most common items:

1. Backpack: Needs to be durable, waterproof, and full of pockets and hooks for organization.

2. Tent: Adequate shelter is essential when on the run. Your gonna need something lightweight, durable, waterproof, and portable, able to be stowed away while taking up very little space.

3. Emergency Blanket: Lightweight and small (about the size of a poncho), this blanket traps in heat, and could save your life in a crisis situation.

4. Water Bottle With Survival Straw: It is important to carry water when on the go, for you never know when the next opportunity for a drink will arise. Rather than carry around heavy and bulky containers, why not just filter out dirty water right on the spot, wherever you find it?

5. Fishing Kit: With a hook and some string, along with a little know-how, fish can be on the menu.

6. Sewing Kit: After a certain amount of time in the wilderness, clothes and other items may need to be repaired and/or created.

7. Foraging Booklet: Learn about easily identifiable plants and bugs you can eat to stay alive (i.e. Dandelions, Sunflowers, Ants, Grasshoppers, etc.).

8. Rations: Some type of emergency on-the-go food is necessary during the short term, while long term plans are being created.

9. Paracord: Whether tying up your make-shift tent, creating a tourniquet, or hanging an item for protection, this item will come in handy come time and time again.

10. Fire Starter: For warmth and cooking, you need a way to make fire for both the short and long term.

11. Dynamo Flashlight, Radio, and solar charger: You need a light to see at night, a radio to know what’s going on, and a source for charging your electronics. Why not have all the above in a single device? Well, quite frankly you can!

12. First-aid Kit: If you get injured while on the go, you will need the basic supplies to take care of yourself to heal and avoid infection and further injury.

13. Compass: Knowing where you are and where your going is important when “bugging out,” for pretty obvious reasons.

14. Shovel/Axe: You may very well need to dig, break, and chop while going off-grid. Having a tool like this is essential!

15. Multi-tool: In a post-apocalyptic world with random debris and usable materials and structures abound, having a portable screwdriver, wrench, can opener, etc; comes is handy.

16. Duct Tape: Due to it being durable, lightweight, and waterproof, this item is always on any serious prepper’s list. Use it to patch up your tent or sleeping bag, Duct Tape is always there when you need it!

17. Knife: A knife is a great tool, used for cutting food, for protection, or for general tasks.

18. Poncho: This can be used to protect you and/or your property and belongings from the rain.

19. Whistle: A whistle is a great way to make a really loud noise with very little effort. Whether your trying to scare away animals or get a rescuer’s attention, this tiny device is definitely worth its’ weight in Gold.

20. Water Tablets: A quick way to purify questionable water. These tablets are tiny, effective, and may very well save your life!

The Best Bags On The Market

Now that we know what should go inside of a BOB bag, let’s take a look at some of the top choices for 2019 based on performance, popularity, and price.

When Bugging Out…

If you have to “abandon ship” and go off-grid somewhere in order to escape the turmoil that lies ahead, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  1. Rule of 3: You can survive without air for three minutes. Three minutes in icy waters. Three hours with no shelter during bad weather conditions. Three days with no H2O. Three weeks with no food.
  2. “Leaves of 3, let it be!”
  3. “Berries Red, Yellow, White, run in fright!”
  4. Universal Edibility Test: First test a sample by smelling it. Then rub it on your arm. Then rub it on your lip. Then taste it, Then chew it up and spit it out. Then swallow and wait.*Click link for more in depth detail…

Good Luck Out There!!

Now that you understand the basics of what an ideal Bug-Out-Bag is and contains, your chances for survival have undoubtedly improved, at least in the short term!! If your going to be bugging out longer than that however, further planning and more materials will be absolutely necessary!! May God help us all!!!


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    Thank you for the information. I will definitely look into one. It’s not a bad idea to be prepared. I rather be prepared than sorry. Yes, May God help us all.

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      No Problem! I am glad you found the information useful! Please keep checking back for more similar SHTF posts! 😉

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