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Drive too fast or blink twice and you might miss the movement seemingly hidden in plain sight, yet sweeping the nation!! Many people overlook tiny homes, small treasures that are nestled all over the place, in neighborhoods, forests, and camp grounds throughout the United States!!!

To someone quickly passing by, these houses could be mistaken for fancy sheds or even a child’s dream playhouse, entirely oblivious to the profound impact tiny homes are having on our environment, which is part of the design and purpose of the movement itself!!

The Movement

Due to various factors, a recent phenomenon is overtaking the United States known as “The Tiny House Movement.” Whether from the recent economic instability resulting in many families losing their homes, or environmentalism and the need to conserve resources and protect the planet, or even your everyday person just looking to re-locate off the grid, people are surrendering their massive properties, in exchange for energy-efficient homes with much smaller footprints.

Big Things Come In Small Packages

Downsizing does not have to mean sacrificing in luxury, modernity, or even in aesthetic. In fact, the movement prides itself on the ability to leave a smaller environmental footprint, all while enjoying the same luxuries and privileges of modern living. One does not need to have a 2,500 sq/ft home or a huge mortgage to live a comfortable life. This movement is all about living your best life, free of debt and unnecessary waste!!

Did You Know:

  • Tiny homes are typically considered less than 400 sq/ft.
  • One of the biggest benefits to living in a tiny home is having home ownership rather than a 30 year mortgage.
  • Many tiny homes are easy to build and come in the form of DIY kits.

Types Of Tiny Homes

There are several types of tiny homes available on the market today. Let’s go over a few of the more popular options:

  1. Trailers: One of the first manufacturers of tiny homes on wheels, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company began in 1999, mounting its first mini dwelling on top of a trailer, and launching the start of what is now known as the “Tiny House Revolution.” They began designing and manufacturing tiny homes on trailers so that they can be hitched up and transported anywhere and everywhere, off-grid or otherwise. These homes maintain the splendor of traditional cottages, yet consume a fraction of the energy. For more information, check out the Tiny House Design And Construction Guide by Dan Louche.
  2. Shed: Another type of tiny home that is becoming all the craze would be that of a “shed home.” These small residences, although not on wheels, fit perfectly in backyards and other areas where they can become a permanent fixture or addition to an already existing estate. These properties come with the same functionality as the trailer homes, only they are not meant to be moved around and can be affixed to the estate itself, becoming part of the property. These shed homes are usually sold on-line as a DIY kit with step by step directions.
  3. Containers: The last type of tiny home that we will discuss is called a container home. These housing units are made out of old shipping containers that get recycled and then converted into modern living spaces. Container homes can be stacked, transported (by rail, ship, or plane), and are easily customizable given their basic shape. This option provides for some of the bigger tiny homes available today on the market.

The Better Option

Is downsizing, with regard to square footage and energy consumption, really the better option for modern society? Maybe not for everyone, but there are some niche groups that just might be quite enthused. 

For those worried about carbon emissions and/or waste and pollution in general, a smaller home may just be the right thing. 

For those who want to go live off-grid, but also want to take the luxuries and appeal of home with them, may find solace in a Tumbleweed house. 

If you hate being a debt slave but want ample square footage, why not live in a converted shipping container? 

Or maybe you just don’t need a bunch of space…The reasons for living a minimalist life are endless, what’s yours???

Home Is Where The Heart Is

A home may be defined as a 2,500 sq/ft dwelling with 4 bathrooms and a 3 car garage. It could also be a simple 10 x 17 sq/ft cottage, barely enough room for one or two open-minded individuals. In truth, a house has nothing directly to do with a home at all. A house is the place you lay your head, while a home is the place you safekeep your heart! If your with the ones you love, your home could be under a freeway underpass, or in the back of a park. Home is all about family, love, and tradition!

If your heart is busy teaching the world about pollution and resource conservation, then your house should reflect those values. If your biggest concern is financial stability and not going into debt, purchasing less house only makes sense. It comes down to this. Your house should be a reflection of your home because your home is a reflection of your values. The Tiny House Movement might not be for everyone, but for many, it’s home!!!

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