Evaporation Water Cycle – How To Get Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

What if I told you that you could LITERALLY get water out of thin air. Sounds crazy, right? The truth is that not only is this idea possible, but that there is already a technology available, with products on the market, which perform this very task. In order to make better sense of this burgeoning industry, it is important to understand the natural cycle of water, the Evaporation Water Cycle, and how both can be used to provide fresh H2O all over the world.

What Is A Water Cycle?

Water naturally moves around The Earth continually circulating between the ocean, the atmosphere, and the land as either a liquid, solid, or a gas. This process, known as the Hydrological Cycle, transports, filters, and maintains the global water supply, ultimately affecting water levels and climate change.

*Did You Know:

  • There are six stages to the Water Cycle: Evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, runoff, and percolation.
  • Just like there is oxygen in water; water can be found and harvested in the very air that we breathe.
  • Water covers 70% of The Earth’s surface, but makes up only .05% of The Earth’s total mass.
  • Only 2.5% of all water on Earth is freshwater, and less than 1% of it is easily accessible.

From Evaporation To Fresh Drinking Water Potential

Part of the natural cycle of water is the important process known as Evaporation. The Evaporation Water Cycle occurs when water heats up and changes from a liquid into a gaseous state before returning into the water cycle as atmospheric water vapor; vapor which then condenses to form precipitation. This process of evaporation and precipitation almost ensures a fresh and readily available water source anywhere in The World, just waiting to be tapped into.

Harvesting Drinking Water Directly From The Atmosphere

Because of natural hydrologic cycles, there is an abundant water supply located in the very air all around us. The amount of water vapor present in the air is known as Humidity. This water, even the smallest amount, can be extracted from the air through condensation, desiccants (absorbs water), or by pressurization. Due to groundbreaking innovations, science and technology have bestowed upon humanity, the power to literally harvest water out of thin air almost anywhere in the world, at any given time, day or night. This can not be over stated! Technology that is currently available allows one to generate gallons of “liquid gold” every single day with humidity of around only 35% or greater. In order to put this in perspective, take a look at the chart below showing the average summer humidity by state.


  • Humidity is at its highest in the morning between 4am-6am.
  • It is at its lowest in the afternoon between 3pm-5pm.
  • There is greater humidity in the Summer months than in the winter because warmer temperatures can hold more moisture.
  • There is usually enough humidity in the air to generate water, regardless of location, time of day, or season.

Atmospheric Water Generators: Fresh Water Almost Anywhere

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) are revolutionizing the way we think in terms of accessing pure potable H2O. These portable and commercial sized machines can produce several gallons of filtered water each day, enough for a household or a community, even when extracted from dry places or during times of the day with low humidity. There is enough humidity in the air all over the world to ensure that with this technology, everyone will have access to clean drinking water.

Replacing Old Systems

With the use of Atmospheric Water Generators, old technology like The Public Water System, ground wells, and water tanks, are becoming more and more obsolete. Rather then having to dig expensive holes or lug around heavy water containers, or relying on the government to create local water systems, this technology allows one to simply plug in and re-hydrate from a glass of locally sourced fresh drinking water.

Imagine a world where plastic bottles are a thing of the past. A world where plumbing, waterways ,and sewage systems are no longer a necessity, but an outdated technology. No more having to dig wells or transport water. A world where global access to purified potable water is no longer a global crisis, and that everyone, regardless of location, can enjoy the vast amount of benefits from drinking the very air around them!

What’s Currently On The Market?

There are several products available on the market today that are designed to extract H2O from the air, and turn it into freshly purified water. The company Aquaboy makes a product called the Pro2 Air-To-Water Generator which retails on Amazon for around $1,664.00 and can produce 2-5 gallons of freshly filtered water per day. They also make larger generators that produce a lot more water for commercial and military applications. Nube’s Air-To-Water Generator sales for $1,750.00 and can produce up to 30 liters of water each day. The water produced with this generator is not only filtered, but also Alkaline. Other companies like Ambient Water and Rainmaker produce water generators for larger scale operations that require substantial amounts of water (i.e. hospitals, schools, military bases, exploration sites, etc.).

*Did You Know:

    • Atmospheric Water Generators can run on solar or wind power; or can be connected to a generator or the grid.
    • AWGs work like dehumidifiers, but the water collected gets filtered to produce potable H2O.

Natural Water Cycles: The End To The Global Water Crisis

Every day, more and more people are dying from dehydration and conditions associated with lack of clean water. In many parts of the world, this humanitarian problem has reached epidemic proportions. By providing information about the natural cycle of water and how it can be exploited to provide fresh drinking water with the use of Atmospheric Water Generators, we hope to educate more and more people about alternative methods of water generation that could literally save lives.



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      It is very much a thing!! and a very cool thing at that!! Thanks for checking it out! Spread the word!!

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    I never knew that you were able to drink water directly from the atmosphere. Thank you for taking your time and sharing this article. I find it very interesting

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      You can indeed literally take drinking water from the atmosphere! Pretty awesome technology!!

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